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- About Madras Kerala Samaj

Madras Kerala Samaj is an Association which has been formed by the Chennai Malayalees, since 1938. It’s an organization catering to the social and cultural needs of the lower and middle class Malayalees community, living in and around Chennai, as well as to the community at large MKS is a non-profit, secular and cultural organization, organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes.


As per the Guide lines of Comrades E.M.S and AKG, Sri. K. PADMANABHAN NAIR stood a head with a  Committee of Malayalees, and thus laid the foundation stone for Madras Kerala Samaj. At the early stage itself MKS was distinct from the other Samajam’s held by the rich and creamy class Malayalees, where the Poor’s were restricted. 

And with an immediate participation of all categories Malayalees, it became the biggest association in Chennai. The most important part for this extraordinary growth is MKS had no criteria for the membership except it should Malayalees. Today MKS is the biggest association out of the 14 standard Malayalees Associations in Chennai, And all of those remaining 13 independent Samajam’s were once a part MKS

MKS has its branch in Nandambakkam in the name of TVA MARAR MEMORIAL BUILDING, and has christened the Hall as RENNY ABHRAHAM MEMORIAL HALL in memory of Mr. RENNY ABHRAHAM as a mark of respect to the great humanitarian who has rendered a great amount of enormous service to the Samajam.

In 1966 MKS, in its pursuit of serving the society through education started the KERALA VIDHYALAYAM HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, where education was offered to the Malayalees Community at very affordable cost. The school has grown by leaps and bounds and now has a student strength about an average of 800 to 900 every year. 

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