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Zoho University an Eye Opener for the Students

Today we had the priviledge to visit and experience, the work culture at Zoho. It was Zoho University’s 2nd Annual Open House, where educational institutions are invited to participate and hear young trainees at Zoho, share their story. Students from Madras Kerala Samaj, have been recruited as trainees into Zoho since the past two years. Since joining Zoho, their lives have changed for the better in so many ways. They have a direction, aims and everything that they would have worked so hard to attain or may never have attained, considering their financial standing in the society.2ndopenhousezu.pngZoho is a leader in cloud computing applications, competing against software giants in the cloud computing market. To see an Indian company in that league is amazing. Zoho as an employer, provides an open and organic work environment; where learning and personal ethics are valued beyond all. The breathtaking infrastructure in their DLF office, made us proud that our students work there now! The trainees learn more than what can be taught in a college. They have evolved into such complete individuals, which was the most impressive thing about the entire experience.We believe that all schools should participate in this initiative, to open up avenues for smart students from financially unsound backgrounds.If you know any students who have completed their 12th standard with good logical reasoning skills; from a financial standing which may not hold anything prospective. Also, someone with a zest for learning and acheiving, please forward their resumes to Zoho. It may be the direction that they were always looking for.Read more about this initiative at www.zohouniversity.comThanks to Mr. Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corp. for giving us this oppurtunity and for providing the dream career for some of our students. We hope this would extend for a long time and many of our students find a future with Zoho.Here is the Zoho University Facebook Page.


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