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Monday, May 3rd, 2010

We have adored and worshiped our abode of knowledge , our school building. Considering it is seventy years old , we realized that it needs to be renovated. The agenda for the renovation also includes a new hall and additional class rooms for Kerala Vidyalayam School with modern amenities. So a plan prepared by the Executive committee elaborating the initiative will be submitted to the public Reception Committee to initiate the fund collection process.


This school is set to give pure education to students of economic classes. The plan of the new infrastructure for the instituion arose to help the students to get better standard of education ,as the current building find old and insufficient. The pure renovation idea is to take the education to the next level for students of socially and economically challenged chennai malayalees . The Madras Kerela Samaj is not going to collect donations from the students. Hence we rely on philanthropists to contribute to make up the mammoth Rs 7 Crores which is required for this project. You can get in touch with us at

We anticipate that this venture to offer quality education to children will be backed by fund from people of all walks of life.