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Monday, November 17th, 2008


The aim is to defeat imperialism and communalism.

Dr.K.N.Panicker, President of History Congress of India, stated in the Seminar organised by MADRAS KERALA SAMAJ at Dr.C.R.Krishnapilla Hall at samaj complex on 16.11.08.

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The Left parties will have to mobilise secular forces against the twin dangers of imperialism and communalism by devising strategies that combine political intent  with cultural aspirations of the masses , K.N.Panikkar added.

Mr.Panikkar continued in his address in the meeting to commemorate the 10th death anniversary of CPI(M) ideologue and former Kerala Chief Minister EMS Namboodiripad, hosted by the Madras Kerala Samaj, he said one of the reasons for the sustenance of the Left movement in Kerala was that it was built on cultural and intellectual renaissanace.

The Left in Kerala had also engineered the coalescing of anti-imperialist struggles with the anti-landlord movement leading to the installation of the first democratically elected Communist Ministry headed by Namboodiripad in 1957 , Mr.Panikkar said.

It was critical for the Left to evolve theoretically nuanced and politically decisive means of mobilising the roughly 60%  of the population  which  subsisted on less than Rs.20 a day ( hardly half dollar) .  At the same time  the Left had to engage  with the consciousness of a burgeoning middle class with its paradox of pro-imperialist predisposition and sympathies with core Communist values ,  Mr.Panikkar said.

It would require a multipronged  strategy that took in to account issues of class, caste,

and gender issues.

Mr.Panikkar described N amboodiripad as an  extraordinary intellectual who best understood the relationship between ideology and implementation.

But beyond his scholarship, his stature as Left ideologue or a visionary Chief Minister, Namboodiripad’s  greatest achievement lay in having established the “concept of the Kerala”.

Mr.Sashikumar, chairman Media Development Foundation that runs the Asian College of Journalism, said  the sheer volume of  Namboodiripad’s writings and scholarly analyses was, perhaps,  unparalleled in the history of the Left movement in India.

Mr.G.Ramakrishnan, Member of Central Committee of CPI(M)  also addressed the Seminar.    Dr.TMR Panicker presided over the function.

Mr. Kumblengad Unnikrishnan, General Secretary of Madras Kerala Samaj welcomed the gathering and vote of thanks by Mr.MKA  Azeez.    Mr.Sunilkrishnan, In-charge of ‘VAYANAKOOTTAM’  also spoke.   Messrs.N.Sreedharan, Treasurer of the Samaj, T.Ananthan, Senior Executive Member of the Samaj, and P.K.Balakrishnan were garlended the guests with shawl.


Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Madras Kerala Samaj Organise a seminar in connection with the 10th death anniversary of  EMS on 16.11.08 at 4pm at Dr.Krishnapilla Hall, Samaj complex, Chennai.84.  Chairman of Indian History Congress, Dr.K.N.Panicker, Chairman of Asian College of Journalism, Mr.Sasikumar,  Mr. G.Ramakrishnan, Central Committee Member of CPI(M)  will be the speakers in  Seminar.  Madras Kerala Samaj,  formed  under the advise  and  guidelines of EMS in 1939.