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Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

aban-wedding.jpgIn memory of our former President Late M.A.Abraham, (Former Chairman of (ABAN) This year also, Madras Kerala Samaj organising Community Marriage for 10 couples on 24.11.2013, at Samaj Hall, Chennai at 10.30am.  All the couples are belongs to economically weaker section. This is the 9th year of the Community marriage from 2005.    So far more than 100 couples got married and all of them are living happily.  Madras Kerala Samaj is proud for this and we are thankful to the ABANs  for all co-operations and helps.  Mrs. Saley Abraham will be the Chief Guest.   Prominent social activists in and around Chennai will lead the function.      Service to those seeking service is Samaj’s ideology.


Friday, November 19th, 2010

wedding-rings.jpgImage credit Madras Kerala Samajam in association with ABAN Foundation, this year also the community Marriage will be conducted on 24.11.2010 at Dr.C.R.Krishnapilla Hall, Keralasamaj complex at 10am.   Fifteen young couples will get married.   Samaj President Dr.TMR Panicker, and ABAN Mrs.Saley Abraham will lead the function.  4grams ring to each bride and bridegroom, and Mangalya suthram (thali) at 4 grams will give. Total 12 grams for each couple.  Wedding sarees, bridegroom dresses, Wedding feast also arranged by Madras Kerala Samajam.  Samaj will felicitate Mr.S.S.Narayanan, the senior most executive member and Trust Secretary  in this function.   An education allowance to a poor student Ms. Ajila will give a sum of Rs.20000- to continue her B.Ed. studies in New Begin College, Dr.Radhakrishnan Road, Chennai.   Total 7.5 Lakhs estimated for this community marriage.   All are belongs to poor Tamil families.  One of the bride, namely Ms.Jayalexmi,  has no father and mother and her sister brought her to registration of the marriage at samajam.Prominent Social activists,SRI.AMBIKA BALAN  M.A. SALIM   PRINCESON JOSE  T.K.ABDULNAZAR   K.V.V. MOHANAN   P.K.N.PANICKER  K.MATHEW   T.ANANDAN    P.K.BALAKRISHNAN   N.SREEDHARAN    M.T. SANKUNNY  ARUL APPLAM MANAGING DIRECTOR P.K. CHANDRAN  alongwith samaj activists will conduct thefunction on 24.11.2010 when the Nadhaswaram music read by Nadhaswara Vidwan Ayappakkam Neelakandan.     Samaj continues its social-educational services with all good hearts supports.